Low Code Development Platform

What is Low Code Development Platform ?

A Low Code Development Platform is a software development environment that enables users to create applications with minimal manual coding. It provides a visual interface and pre-built components, allowing developers to drag and drop elements to design and configure applications.

With a Low Code Development Platform, users can quickly build and deploy web and mobile applications, reducing the need for extensive coding and technical expertise. The platform typically includes features like data integration, workflow automation, user interface customization, and application lifecycle management.

Low Code Development Platforms offer increased productivity and agility by streamlining the application development process. They allow for faster iteration and prototyping, enabling developers to create functional applications in a fraction of the time compared to traditional coding approaches.

These platforms are particularly beneficial for organizations facing resource constraints or a shortage of skilled developers. By abstracting complex coding tasks and providing pre-built components, Low Code Development Platforms empower a broader range of users to participate in the application development process, including citizen developers with limited coding experience.

Overall, Low Code Development Platforms promote faster application delivery, increased collaboration between business and IT teams, and the ability to rapidly respond to changing business requirements.

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