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About Brancher AI is an AI solution that streamlines AI model development by allowing developers and data scientists to create customised models without the need for complex coding. Businesses can easily leverage AI technology to meet their specific needs with advanced machine learning algorithms.'s ability to provide a drag-and-drop interface for building AI models is one of its key features. Users can easily choose data sources, input and output parameters, and pre-built AI models to create custom models that meet their specific needs. The platform also includes a number of AI tools for model training, testing, and optimisation, allowing users to fine-tune their models to achieve the best results possible. Users can monitor and adjust their models in real time, making it easier to identify and resolve problems as they arise. simplifies data integration by connecting to a variety of data sources and platforms, including popular cloud services such as AWS and Google Cloud. This enables businesses to efficiently access and analyse large amounts of data, as well as use AI models to gain valuable insights and achieve success. is a simple platform that allows businesses without technical expertise to create customised AI models that improve insights, automation, and efficiency.


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